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General Dentistry

High Quality Dental Care

"As your dentist, my purpose is to learn and know about you on a professional level. In this way, I can provide you with the very best dental care in accordance to your goals, wishes and expectations. Whether you are a regular dentist attender or anxious seeing a dentist, rest assured that I am here to help you. I treat people from all walks of life - from upcoming brides looking for that picture perfect smile to people who are in need of dental emergency treatment, to those simply who are looking to improve and maintain their oral health. I believe that everyone deserves a healthy smile and I am here to add wellness to your life"

Dr. Ruthy provides a personalised and holistic approach to your dental needs offering an extensive range of treatment options to patients of all ages.


Dental Check Up & Clean
Restorative Fillings
Root Canal Treatment
Dental Extractions
Crown & Bridge
Snoring Sleep Device
Cosmetic Veneers: Digital Smile Design
Teeth Whitening
TMJ Teeth Grinding/Clenching
Occlusal Splint
Sports Mouth guard

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